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Balaramapuram is a small township located in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala state in India. The place's history of weaving dates back to the era of princely rule in the region. It is believed that during the regime of King His Highness Balarama Varma the handloom weaving was introduced in Balaramapuram. The weavers belong to the Shaliya community are believed to have brought to this region by the King His Highness Balarama Varma from the nearby state of Tamil Nadu. They were brought to weave and supply cloths to the members of the royal family. Today Handloom sales is one of the major activity in Balaramapuram and the weaving or part of handloom making process is done by all communities in and around Balaramapuram including Hindu, Christian and Muslim.
Kaithary.com is aiming at helping these weavers community by promoting online sales of the handloom and other handmade items like jewellery. A percentage of the profit from this initiative will be used for charity purpose mainly to help the children of all weaving community members for education.
We will be offering only the top quality fabrics and silks through this site. The range includes Handloom Sarees with and without Kasavu (silk), Set Sarees, Churidar Sets, Dhothis (Mundu), Readymade apparels, Towels and other handloom items. The difference from other online providers is that Kaithary.com offers stitching of blouse, Pavada and Churidars to suit the individual measurements. Stitching of nighties and other inner wears as per customers choice is another speciality offered by us. This will definitely help the NRI community where they may not have access to good tailoring centers and also can avoid the delay in blouse stitching. NRIs, Executives away from home can also send the handloom items as a gift to their relatives through Kaithary.com. We can also enclose a printed message send by our esteemed customers with the handloom gift.
Handmade Jewellery is another attraction of Balaramapuram. We will also be offering different varieties of handmade Jewellery through our site.